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We have a wide range of family activities as part of our celebration of the role and work of researchers in Wales. All activities are free and all can safely be enjoyed from your home.

Science Busking 

Date: 28 November Time: 11am-12 noon Audience: Families (children aged 8 or over)

This event is fun for the whole family with a particular appeal to children aged 8 or over.  Get your family team together for this face-paced, interactive event. You’ll spend a few minutes with each of our lovely researchers,  getting to know them and finding out about their research. Then you’ll move on to another virtual table and do it all over again! Lots of things to find out about – come and see! This event is delivered using Remo – an online café-style meeting platform!

This event is delivered using Remo – an online café-style meeting platform! Please note Remo works best on Chrome or Safari browsers.

Ask Me Anything   

Dates: throughout November
Time: anytime
Audience: Families & Schools

Have you got a question you’ve always wanted to ask a researcher? Now’s your opportunity. ADIFF has a bank of researchers bursting with information on their research subject, and they are ready to answer your questions.

Follow us on social media to see our researcher videos and ask questions. 

Why? Posters 

Date: throughout November
Time: anytime
Audience: Families & Schools

Is there a question that you’ve always wanted answered? How big is Jupiter? Why are there so many languages? What happened to the dinosaurs? Well, we want to help answer these questions. Our crack team of researchers are on hand to answer them for you.  Download our poster, scribble your questions and post it on social media.

Online Treasure Trail  

Date: 23-27 November
Time: anytime
Audience: Families (children aged 10+)

Have you got what it takes to solve the clues to find the secret treasure? Can you prove that you’re smarter than our researchers by solving their riddles? Using Google Maps and your brains, you’ll travel around Wales virtually, going from place to place until you solve the final clue. This event is designed for friends and families, so gather your team and take part together online.

3G Conference 

Date: 26 November

Time: 10.15am-2.30pm

Audience: Adults 50+ but anyone is welcome

Find out more about the fascinating field of DNA, genetics and genomics and discover how it affects our everyday lives.

This event is organised by the Wales Gene Park

Wales-Germany Talk – solid state generators for waste heat recovery

Date: 26 November
Time: 7pm-8pm
Audience: German speaking adults (aged 16+)

This is a German language event hosted by Dr Daniel Zabek. 

Festkörpergeneratoren zur Abwärmerückgewinnung 

Unsere Gesundheit, Sicherheit, und Bequemlichkeit ist abhängig von einer unterbrechungsfreien Generierung und Verteilung von elektrischer Energie. Für eine nachhaltige energetische Zukunft können Festkörpergeneratoren Abwärme in elektrische Energie umwandeln.  

Family Zoom Quiz     

Date: 27 November 
Time: 6-7pm
Audience: Families (children aged 8+) 

Join us for an evening over Zoom of fun quiz questions, posed by our brilliant researchers. Suitable for the whole family, we’ll be asking you questions from Astronomy to Modern Foreign Languages to Zoology. The event will be hosted by Welsh STEM celebrity Jon Chase, who will bring you several round of questions in this hour-long quiz. 

Covid Questions 

Date: 27 November
Time: 7.15pm-8.15pm
Audience: Adults & older children

What do we know about the new vaccines? Do local lockdowns work? What about the Mink mutation – is that a risk? What do we know about the increased risk to BAME people? And what about long-COVID? Researchers across Wales are working on a variety of these Covid-19 challenges.

Join us for a lively Q+A session with those at the cutting edge of research, helping us find our way through the pandemic.

Community Activity Packs 

Date: 27 November onwards
Time: anytime
Audience: families

We will be delivering packs of activities, linked to the work being undertaken by our researchers, to foodbanks across Wales. The packs will contain paper based activities, such as cell origami and colouring sheets, as well as an augmented reality story book for children to use to explore our Universe.

Girl Guiding Cymru Electromagnetism Challenge Badge 

Date: 28 November
Time: various times
Audience: Girl Guides, Brownies, Rainbows, Rangers (through organised groups only) 

This is the launch of a brand new Electromagnetics challenge badge. More than 99% of all electrical energy is made using machines constructed from magnetic materials. They are the active material in electric motors, transformers, generators, sensors, data storage and many other electronic components. If we can improve our understanding of magnetic materials we can save electricity, reduce pollution and find new ways to recycle our waste.  

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