Researchers’ Gallery

107 researchers have signed up to take part in the celebrations of European Researchers’ Night. They are from many countries and many backgrounds. Their research contributes to solving problems all over the world and they are all making a difference in Wales.

As part of this celebration project, many have taken part in our public engagement ‘nibbles’– a series of training events to help them develop skills and ideas to make their research interesting and accessible to all kinds of people.

You will find contributions from our researchers right across the programme of events – from videos for schools to online street theatre, baking to biscuit bridge building!

European Researchers’ Night is a celebration across 30 countries in Europe and beyond, looking at the importance of research and how it has an impact on our daily lives. Find out what’s going on in other countries here.

Let us know what you thought about ADIFF 2020 by taking part on our researcher survey.

Zoe Melvin
Carlotta Olivero
Helena Ferreira
Bea Salvador
Farhad Masoudian
Wendy Sadler
Frank Langbeim
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