Language Matters

Dates: throughout November
Key Stage: 3+
Duration: 15-30 minutes.

This cross-curricular activity would be ideal for language classes, registration/tutorial time or set as homework.

Science doesn’t happen in a silo, away from all other subjects. It is a wholly international activity, traversing borders and language barriers on a daily basis. Through this project we hope to broaden understanding of how languages are present in all parts of life, including in relation to science.

We have teamed up with MFL Student Mentoring Project  and challenged our ADIFF researchers to think about the role that languages and cultures have played in their research, in shaping their careers and as part of their personal journeys.

Our researchers are working in universities across Wales and have a diverse range of skills, including an enormous range of languages. The aim is to show that languages are transversal, impacting on and working across multiple disciplines.

How to take part
Our researchers below have made short videos (1-2 mins) for you. Click on the Go to the videos button for all you need to access the researcher videos and send us your students’ questions.

Pick a video from the Sway to show to your students. The video will tell you more about a researcher and the role that languages and cultures have taken in their lives and work. You can show the video to your students in class or registration/tutorial time, or you can set it as homework, sending them the link to the Sway with the video you are interested in.

What’s a Sway? It’s a presentation (like PowerPoint) that we can edit remotely, so we don’t need to keep sending you updates.

Ask pupils to think about what questions they might like to ask the researcher, as they watch the video. You can add the students’ questions to the survey in the Sway and our researchers will reply by video. We want pupils to feel that their questions are important – because they are!

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