Great Research Bake Off 2020

Give us a flavour of your research by baking something that communicates your research!

As part of our celebrations for European Researchers’ Night 2020 we are hosting a Great Research Bake Off and we want you to display your creative talents in the kitchen. To take part make an edible presentation of your work and share pictures or video with us. 

You can enter at any time between now and 5pm, Wednesday 18th November 2020.

Does it need to be a cake?

No, we are open to all baked goods – bread, biscuits, puddings, pies, tarts etc and also other forms of food-based communication methods – cheese sculptures, fruit models, omelette artwork. 

If you can eat it, you can tweet it!

What if I can’t cook/won’t cook?

This is a communication challenge rather than a culinary test and we welcome all levels of ability. You won’t be marked down for using readymade icing. You are welcome to involve other members of your family, friends and colleagues as long as you provide a full acknowledgement of their contribution and they learn about your research in the process.

How to enter

We need three things

1. Picture(s) or video of your creation

2.  A description of how it relates to your research and how you make a difference to people’s lives through your work.

3. Proof of edibility – e.g. pictures of you, your friends or family eating it. Alternatively, this can be pictures/video of the construction process or deconstruction process (a cross-section showing inside the bake).

You can choose to submit your entries through any (or all) if the following methods:-

Twitter – please tag @Adiff_Cymru and #greatresearchbakeoff

Instagram – please tag @adiff_cymru and #greatresearchbakeoff

Email – email your entry with the subject #greatresearchbakeoff to

Extra brownie points for anyone who gets featured on ‘The Great British Bake – An extra slice’. 

See for more details.

By entering you are consenting for us to share your images and text through our social media and website, broadcast and print media as part of ADIFF2020.

How is success measured?

We have some exciting celebrity judges lined up to review your images and announce the winner prior to our European Researchers’ Night celebrations on Friday 27th November 2020. There will be certificates and various prizes but the overall champion will be the person who has communicated their research in the most creative and engaging way. 

We also love to celebrate failures too and there is a special ‘soggy bottom’ award for those who manage to disseminate the greatest disasters.  


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