Covid Questions

Dates: 27 November
Time: 7.15-8.15pm
Audience: Adults / Children 16+.

2020 has not turned out quite the way anyone expected. COVID has impacted almost everyone on the planet in one way or another. Here is your opportunity to get all your questions answered by a world-leading panel of expert researchers and scientists.

What do we know about the new vaccines? Do local lockdowns work? What about the Mink mutation – is that a risk? What do we know about the increased risk to BAME people? What about long-COVID? Researchers across Wales are working on a variety of these Covid-19 challenges.

Join us for a lively Q+A session with those at the cutting edge of research, helping us find our way through the pandemic.

The event is held as a Zoom webinar and the details of how to join will be sent to you when you register.

Our panel:

Dr Richard Stanton (Chair)           
Reader in Viral Immunology Group

Dr Catherine Moore       
Consultant Clinical Scientist in Virology

Dr Carlotta Olivero         
How do the different COVID tests work?

Dr Ian Frayling  
Long COVID – a personal and expert view

Dr Hamsaraj Shetty        
BAME and COVID – what do we know?

Dr. Awen Gallimore        
Vaccines – how do they work and what happens next?

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